14 week project / brief: Design a product for IKEA. / skills: research, form development, rendering, animation / programs used: Figma, After Effects, Solidworks, Keyshot


A smart AC planter that will help working millennials care for their plants and cool their homes so they can have a more comfortable living environment. Nyskog uses the water from the AC condensation to water the plants. 

How it fits into IKEA

IKEA as a company is moving towards wellness at home. According to a study in 2021, nurturing plants can help us feel balanced during the lockdown. 30% of respondents also value access to a private garden or balcony now more than pre-pandemic. To fit in the IKEA branding, the name Nyskog comes from the Swedish word for "New Forest". 

Why an AC planter?

Current air conditioners are long overdue for a redesign. Nyskog creates a beautiful form for the outdated and boxy form of current air conditioners. The most common problem for indoor plants is that they don't get enough sunlight or that they are under or overwatered. Since the AC is a saddle AC that hangs over a window, the plants are more likely to get enough sunlight. 

Self Watering Function

NySkog stores water in reserves created as a waste product from the cooling process of air conditioners to water the plants at night. The water created from condensation is completely safe for plant consumption.


What I learned

I learned to develop a form for 3D models in Solidworks based on sketches and render them in Keyshot. I went through many iterations of sketching and creating 3D forms. Prior to this, I had little experience with CAD or rendering programs. I learned that I needed to create a mainform before adding details to a product. Creating a good mainform takes multiple tries and a lot of rebuilding from scratch. I learned to frame a model in keyshot to later photoshop onto images. I also got to refresh my animating skills with both After Effects and frame by frame animation.

Setting up Nyskog

To set up Nyskog, hook the AC planter over the window. Use the provided panel to block out the remaining space of the window so no air gets in and the charging cord to plug in the AC unit. Connect it with the phone app. The space to hook the AC on is 8 inches and should fit most normal windowsills. 

Cooling the home

The AC takes the hot air from inside the home and expels it outside. Both sides contain removable aluminum vent covers. 

Removing the Planter

Use the 2 buttons on the side to take out the planter. The planter unit can be easily cleaned once removed.

Automated Planter Care

The planter alerts the users via an app how much more water the plants need. These daily reminders help users remember to maintain their plants to help lower the risk of plant complications. The AC unit also produces water through cooling that can be used to water the plants. 

Planter care

Plant packages are available within the app for purchase. There are options between decorative plants, fragrant plants, and edible plants. You can create your own package.


App Design

The app includes a setup screen that helps users with pairing Nyskog to their phone. It includes a Community tab for people to post their Nyskog and for IKEA to give tips about using Nyskog. Also, it has a Packages tab to buy more plant packages and a My Device tab for users to view information about their devices. Click on image to view a user flow of the app.



3 different color material finishes to fit into different environments.

Instruction booklet

Detailed standardized instructions from IKEA for how to use NySkog. 

What I learned

This was my first project going through the entire product design process. 


Disclaimer: This product is a student project, and is in no way associated with IKEA. Midjourney is used for the backgrounds.

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