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A working omnidirectional Bang & Olufsen speaker made from existing speaker parts made from 20lb foam. A working omnidirectional Bang and Olufsen speaker made from Doss speaker parts made from 20lb foam. 

14 week project / brief: Design a Bluetooth speaker from DOSS speaker parts using tools available in the ArtCenter model shop/ skills: form development, fabrication

Beowave.1 Beowave.5

What I learned

I learned to create a working prototype of a speaker. I learned how to take into account the acoustics of a speaker while designing. I learned how to use basic shop tools such as the mill, band saw, table saw, drill press, and belt sander. I learned how to spray paint with a paint gun and create a smooth coat of paint.  


Ideation Sketches

I came up with many pages of ideation and decided to make cardboard prototypes of the Omnidirectional form and Double form.

Figuring it out

I chose the omnidirectional speaker due to its more luxurious form that fit more with the Bang & Olufsen brand. I made a few prototypes with black foam, MDF, and dowels, to see which proportion and alignment would work best. I made an initial 10 lb foam prototype to see how the DOSS speaker parts might fit in.

Fitting Parts

I fit the DOSS speaker parts into a more refined 10 lb foam prototype. The drivers and passive radiators are pointed towards the cone to project the sound outwards into the room.



Orthographic and Exploded View of Beowave speaker.



I routed out space to fit passive radiators and drivers at the bottom of the top assembly. I made an acrylic encasing for the aux PCB board and used bondo to fix it onto the foam. I sanded down the foam encasing before priming the speaker. Upon priming, I realized the primer gave parts too much volume, so things no longer fit. I sanded it down so everything fit. I spray-painted all the parts before attaching the electrical components. 

Final Assembly

Final painted parts, assembled subassemblies, and final touches. 

Finished Product



Disclaimer: This product is a student project, and is in no way associated with IKEA. 

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