14 week project / brief: Redesign a product with the principles of sustainably. / skills: research, form development, rendering, animation / programs used: Premiere Pro, After Effects, Keyshot, Figma

1st Place Winner of the Denhart Sustainability scholarship.


A gender neutral makeup kit that creates a new look for a more sustainable future.

This was a 3 person group project. For the duration of the project, I took part in the research, planned the presentation, edited the video, managed the life cycle assessment, and did the key renderings. For the curation of this website, I played a role in all the graphics.


Revolutionizing makeup

We are not satisfied with improving a single product, we want to make an impact.
We aim to transform the whole makeup industry in two ways: 

1. Making everything reusable, more durable, more refillable, and more customizable.


2. Creating a zero-plastic material aesthetic trend without commingled materials. In a fast, consumer-oriented society, the best way to enlarge impact is to make it fashionable.



We did a personal waste project which was a break down how much waste we produced on average over 7 weeks, we learned that a lot of products become waste before they are used up. 


From the personal waste project, we also learned that recycleables, compostables, and landfill waste all go to the same source. 


Based off our research, during 2018 in the US alone, 7.9 billion units of rigid plastic were created just for beauty and personal care products.


Benchmark Brand: Maybelline

We chose Maybelline since it was a popular drugstore makeup brand. We analyzed both their most popular products and their green edition. Though the green edition is cradle-to-cradle certified, the package is made with commingled parts that made recycling difficult.

We also did a survey to see what people thought of these products, and many people thought that the products were very unintuitive and there is too many products that can't be reasonably used before the expiration date.


Scope of Project

Overall functional unit: ~1 year of enhancing your apperance with application
We based the functional unit off of the expiration date.

Scope: The entire process of the lifecycle for eyeshadow, foundation, mascara, lipstick, eyeliner, and eyebrow pencil excluding the cosmetic formula and glue from eyeshadow and brow pencil.


Process Tree

Based off the breakdown of the Maybelline products, I created this process tree to show all the materials used throughout the creation of the makeup all the way to landfill. Drag with your mouse to view the entire process tree.

Our Goals

We came up with 6 acheivable goals based off of our personal waste project and insights.


Our Solutions

1. Every color option of each product comes in three different sizes of pans so users have full freedom to arrange the products to fit into trays. This way, products are highly customizable and refillable. The tray is also made from pure aluminum. 


2. Building a community around sustainable makeup is very important to growing this trend of creating a more sustainable future.


3. An active product takeback program can give users the option to recycle their products instead of them ending up in the landfill. 


Process Book

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