14 week project / brief: Design a product for Panerai. / skills: research, form development, surfacing in Solidworks, rendering, animation

Subacqueo Product Line

A new immersive diving experience created by Panerai. The Subacqueo product line includes a submarine drone and a buoy. Click on the image to view the Subacqueo Experience.

Why does Panerai need an underwater drone controlled by VR?

Diving is a good relaxation pastime that fits well into Panerai's brand as a diving watch. It allows for those who can't go diving to still be able to explore the sea. It's an interesting experience that can be shared on social media, growing Panerai's relatively smaller brand presence. 


Using VR headset to control drones

First Person View (FPV) goggles are 360-view goggles that allow you to see a clear view from the drone. They act like VR goggles that work in real-time to transmit data. Oculus headsets a brand producing consumer level Virtual Reality headsets can be used in place of FPV goggles. Panerai can connect the drone through custom code that maps the controls of the drone onto the Oculus. Since the experience would be running in real-time, the Oculus Rift would be preferred. 


Submarine Drone


2x 2.5 inch thrusters turns 360 degrees on a pivot joint to achieve maximum manuverability.


The camera and lights are completely encased in sapphire glass to prevent components from getting water damage.

2x Cameras: Large field of view, low apeture, includes exposure compensation and stabilization
Lights: 2000 lumens, wide light angle



Sticking out on the back of the drone for stabilization.

Ballast Tanks

Ballast tanks help the submarine go up and down, it’s filled with air when it stays above the surface. The submarine drone must also include a ballast tank to control these movements. There are vent holes on the bottom of the Subacqueo drone to allow for water to fill the tank.


Buoy Charge Dock

Charge dock

Each buoy includes 3 charging stations for drones to dock on when not in use.

Staying in place

To stay in place in turbulent ocean conditions, the buoy has vent holes that lead to 3 thrusters that adjust the position of the buoy when necessary. It also includes ballast tanks to help it move up and down. 

Radar and Sonar

The buoy includes a system to convert radar, communications systems above water, to sonar communication systems underwater, since the frequencies are not interchangeable.


A camera is attached to the bottom of the buoy for monitoring of ocean conditions before drones are deployed.



Uses sapphire glass for the front piece for extra durability. Uses fibratech, a patented basalt composite for the body, and black titanium for the thrusters. Inspiration board for the product shown below.

Market Research

Looking into the market to understand the necessary components that make up a submarine drone. 

Product Package

The necessary components of the drone and buoy broken down, based on competitor products. Later, the product was adjusted to just 2 thrusters, and the form of the buoy was changed. 

Brand Book

A 4-person group project that consists of a deep dive analysis of the Panerai brand.

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