14 week project / brief: Design a product for IKEA. / skills: research, rendering, graphic design / programs: Figma, Solidworks, Keyshot


A smart TV for college students that is efficient in setting up and finding content they want to watch.

Why college students don't buy smart TVs


Because telebi is has a projector function, college students don’t need to invest in a large display to enjoy the TV experience.

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Deciding the form

form development process and why i made choices I did 

Setting up: Visiting a friend

Lets see how telebi can easily be used when visiting a friend. There are 2 main features that assist in setup: cable ports and projector.


How I decided to configure buttons

Carrying Case

telebi also comes with a carrying case to maximize portability.

Carrying case render

Add gif for carrying case being used

Ease of Use

Why people watch TV

At the end of the day, people watch TV to relax and unwind. However, finding the show you want to watch can be an infuriating experience.

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Finding the show directly from the home screen instead of navigating through each service speeds up the process. The less steps between finding the show and watching the show means more time for the users to relax. 

Single search

How it works

This is how the search feature looks in practice. The data fed in includes: 

Multifunctional Modularity

Trend Research

Multifunctional more of a trend now

Mix and Match

The remotes are cross compatible and the projector part is removable 

because the projector part is removable, if people settle down and want to permanently use a TV screen, they can.

Features overview


Information Architecture


Product Timeline

Short term

Mid term

Long term

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